Babysitters come from all walks of life. From students to retirees, young and old. At the end of the day a babysitter is simply someone to who you can count on to look after your little ones while you’re away.

And because all babysitters are different, we’ve done a bit of homework into the different types you may come across:

The Newbie 

This is the first babysitting gig and they cannot. Contain. Their Excitement! They really love kids, can entertain them for hours and very eager to please. 

The newbie is a little younger in age. They might be a little nervous at the start and may say some strange things, but rest assured they are well-intentioned and thankful for the experience. Things to look out for – Braces and Red Bull.

The Cool Kid

They let kids do things do everything their parents say no to – like eat snacks and stay up a little later.

The cool kid ranges in age (because everyone wants to be the ‘cool kid’). They’re generally awesome with children and kids love them. They’re really easy going and love to be everyone’s friend. Things to look out for – Tiny tattoos and Converse shoes.

The Couch Potato

As the title suggests – they sit on your couch, eat Kettle chips and watch your Netflix. But before they do anything, they’ll ask for the Wi-Fi password.

They’re not really that interested in looking after kids. They’ll let the kids do whatever they wanna do like eat a whole packet of marshmallows for dinner. Just as long as they leave the sitter alone and the kids survive, it’s all A-OK. Things to look out for – chipped nail polish, hoodies and a bad attitude.

The Mary Poppins

They could be mistaken for a unicorn, but oh they do exist! They take their job very seriously and has high moral standards. They’ve probably been doing this for years and nails it each time.

Miss Poppins loves to entertain, sing and dance. The kids even clean up after their mess. How good is that?! Why can’t they do it all the time? 

Besides singing, Poppins’ hobbies include keeping a football team of sugar high toddlers in line. Every parent wants Poppins on their team especially in chaotic migraine inducing times. Things to look out for – breaks out in song when having a ‘normal’ conversation and making sure shirts are tucked in.

So which babysitter would you recommend? 

All of the above except for the couch potato of course. Every parent has their own preference when it comes to personality style and level of experience. There is no right way to babysit.

We’d like to know, which babysitter you are? Or if you’re a parent, which babysitters have you come across? Share your stories with us.

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